Blood Red Moon

Blood Red Moon

Now this, let me tell you is an epic photograph. Whaddya mean "Isnt it just the moon?".

Ok maybe I was overselling it a bit, it is the moon.

The special bit is it was a 'BLOOD RED' moon. And even more special I will have you know, is that I was there to see it and take a picture of it! It started about 2am. Yes you heard right, 2am. In the morning!

The time that people should be fast asleep. The eclipse happenned at about 3am and then the effect you see here a bit after, as the shadow of the earth moved away from the moon. You see that glow? Thats my lens fogging up as it was so cold I went and warmed up in the car but when I went outside to photograph of course there was fog/mist on my lens DUH!

But I think it makes the picture. You?

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