Is it a bird? Is it a plane?


This was taken near Northampton, a place called Santa Pod Raceway.

I remember it was a fun, family time, when the kids were young enough so I could (sometimes literally) drag them around wherever I wanted to go!

The stunt riders were good. Very good.

It was over in a second, actually 1/2500th of a second and thats quick...

and it was also difficult to avoid getting;

A sore neck

Sore biceps (Just the lens if unsupported is about 2kg)

A Silhouette instead of the bike and rider details against the bright sky

A blurry photo

A missed photo ie missing the bikes altogether! I promise you for every 100 pictures, unless you are super focussed, (I had the kids remember?), you will probably get 50% ish and of those about 1 or 2 'keepers'. (Hint: This is one of those 'keepers')

Never printed before either, and looks almost surreal with no ground reference or clouds!


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