Romance is still alive!

This was me walking home via the South Bank on a lovely warm and muggy summers evening. I sat on the wall overlooking the Thames and watched this couple who were clearly head over heels in love with each other (bit weird if I had said "they were clearly in love with someone else" right/!).

I linger a bit and then we got this amazing red sky sunset. I framed the couple in several poses, I thought (with my artistic hat on...yes I DID remember to pack it!) it would look cool if I could get an image with them silhouetted against the setting sun. I duly took a few frames then feeling like I was intruding I stopped and packed away. Next thing they wander up, arms linked, happy as anything. I say hi, told them I had a lovely picture of them down on the shale beach and gave them my email address if they wanted a freebie pic.

Still reading? Good. Here is the best bit!

I got an email the next day from the lady, saying that her boyfriend (now fiance), had actually proposed to her on the beach and could I please send the picture I had taken? Wow! What were the chances of that!


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