Rooftop Spheres - Sunset

Rooftop Sunset

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I worked in this building in North Greenwich...on a contract with TfL. There were tables set up on the top of the building.

So again, the planets (no pun intended) had to line up. Like those tables. No cloud. or rain and a lovely red Sunset.

Now this particular picture. This very one, is I think when I finally discovered that unique and rare formula that causes a photograph to keep popping up. Its a sunset, so thats a good start I guess but there was NOTHING on that roof top that indicated it would be a good image...It was cold number 1. It was at the TOP of the TfL Building where you had to swipe through about 10 (Ok OK, 3!) doors to get to that space. There were tables. Who does that! Who goes up on a roof top to sit at a TABLE in the wind rain and cold? Anyway, ask not a difficult question get not a rubbish answer... I think I went up 3x a week and somehow was there on a particularly nice evening and got this. Well actually 36 of this but only one made it to the final!

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