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Welcome to my website!

Enjoy the images, send me an email if you wanted more details on prints or downloading images. I generally publish images without any digital manipulation beyond colour, light and maybe a crop. On occasion I will play around with shapes and colour however this will be the main theme of the image and there is no mistaking the intent of artistic expression in one of these.

I know my way around a studio and a camera alike and I have collaborated with some amazing like minded photographers to produce some great (at least I think so!) images.

What is on this site is what looked nice to me, or was fun to do at the time, and I loved every bit of it. The following are a few factors that I consider milestones in my photographic journey that maybe will also help you.

1. Learn from the masters - you can then try and emulate your favourites, based on a sound foundation.

2. Its not about the camera or the kit - the camera is just a tool that allows the photographer to make the image that he see in front of him (or her)and if you can find a narrative in the image even better!

3. Composition is what its about - learn the shortcuts to a good image, which will allow the viewer an easier ride when they look at it. Break them if you like, but know why and what in the image you want to communicate to the viewer

4. Think of a blank piece of paper. Your image. Its your choice on what YOU the photographer want on that blank paper. Be purposeful on WHY you choose to put something on the page. Use compositional elements to draw the viewers eye around the image as YOU highlight, through the compsitional techniques you employ, what YOUR image is all about.

5. Similar to the above,  lead the viewers eye to what you want to show them. If the image has 'clutter' the images impact will decrease and become just another image.

Finally, I used two of Ken Rockwells tips on how to take a good photograph. Both really useful to remember and understand. I still use them today in fact as they forced me to think before I click the shutter.

F.A.R.T - FEEL you want to take a picture ASK yourself what you want to show a viewer REFINE that to make a more 'pleasing' image, finally, TAKE the picture.

S.E.X - Simplify. EXclude. My mantra for what I term 'mindful' photography.

I shoot a wide range of photos - Portraits, Fashion, Editorial, Macro, Flora. Abstract, Oil on water, drop collisions, protest rallies and any sports project that excite me!

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